Frequently Asked Questions

For whom are these appointments best suited?

These services are offered to persons over 18 years old. These consultation services may be helpful to anyone interested in optimizing their mental wellness or to further evaluate any mental health concerns through a comprehensive medical, functional medicine, and holistic evaluation.

Through her evaluation, potential root causes of a person’s symptoms may be identified and targeted for treatment.
By following recommendations regarding lifestyle, nutritional interventions, and the possible use of supplements and herbs, a person may be able to experience enhanced improvement of their symptoms and to minimize treatment with medications.

Will Dr. Serrato be able to write prescriptions for me?

In this service, Dr. Serrato functions as a consultant to a client’s current mental health and general health treatment. Dr. Serrato will not serve as a primary medical or psychiatric provider or provide prescriptions through this consultation service.

While a client may choose to follow-up with Dr. Serrato for ongoing consultation appointments, please keep in mind that clients are expected to maintain their primary prescription and health management through another psychiatric provider and/or a primary care clinician.

What do the consultation services include?
The consultation services include a review of completed questionnaires and rating scales, laboratory evaluation (including conventional and functional lab tests), and clinical interview with Dr. Serrato.
Will I have follow-up appointments with Dr. Serrato?

After the Initial Consultation appointment, you may then complete labs ordered or start treatment with interventions recommended by Dr. Serrato. Follow-up appointments range from 30, 45, and 60 minutes. It is during these follow-up appointments that Dr. Serrato will review your lab results and provide you with more specific treatment recommendations and assess your responses to the interventions recommended.

In order to allow for comprehensive consultation services with Dr. Serrato, please plan to attend the Initial Consultation appointment, at least two follow-up appointments within the first two months, and to have conventional and functional labs checked. Ongoing consultation appointments with Dr. Serrato at a frequency of every 2-3 months may provide optimal continued support.

What insurances are accepted?

Please note that Dr. Serrato’s services are out-of-network for all insurance plans. The financial responsibility for services belongs to the client. Clients have the option to submit statements to their insurance for potential out-of-network benefits.

What are the appointment fees?
Updated appointment options and fee schedule will be reviewed prior to the scheduling of an Initial Consultation appointment.
When is payment due?
Clients will pay the full service fee before entering the videoconference appointment with Dr. Serrato.
Will I receive a receipt for my payment?

After the appointment, clients receive a Statement which they may submit to their insurance for potential out-of-network reimbursement if they have such benefits through their insurance.

Where do I go for an appointment?

Telemedicine Consultation appointments are conducted via a secure HIPAA-Compliant videoconferencing platform. In order to participate in the appointment, a person must have access to a desktop or mobile device, and a private room. Clients must be located in Illinois, Wisconsin, or Florida where Dr. Serrato has an active medical license, at the time of their appointments.

Where do I go for labs?

Dr. Serrato does not perform lab tests in her office.  She will inform you of where you may go to get blood drawn at lab facilities local to you.  Some functional medicine lab tests may involve your providing samples directly from your home, which may not necessitate going to a lab.

Is the cost for labs included in the appointment fees?

The cost for lab tests is not included in the payment for services with Dr. Serrato. Lab fees will need to be paid separately to the lab facilities directly.

Fees for some lab tests depend on your insurance coverage, but some lab tests may not be covered by insurance; clients are responsible for the balance of the payment not paid for by insurance.

Dr. Serrato will speak with you about the costs for lab tests before ordering them to ensure that you are comfortable with the fees involved.

What equipment do I need for the appointment?
In order to participate in the appointment, a person must have access to a desktop or mobile device with an internet connection and a private room.
When are appointments available?

A Nourished Mind Telemedicine Consultation appointments are available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and some Saturdays.