College Mental Health

College Mental Health

 Dr. Serrato has first-hand experience with witnessing the benefits of a comprehensive evaluation and integrative approaches to treatment of mental and physical health concerns in the emerging adult population.

While treatment with medications has a role in the management of severe symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mood and thought disorders, integrative approaches may relieve mild to moderate symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

A thorough evaluation allows for the identification of underlying biological, psychological, and social factors which may be targeted in treatment, as well as more severe mental health concerns which may best be managed through treatment with medications and ongoing psychiatric care.

Dr. Serrato has experience treating university students and the emerging adult population since 2003.  She has found that the identification and treatment of underlying medical problems and nutrient deficiencies, improvement of a person’s lifestyle, and psychoeducation on how to improve one’s self-care, can serve as a form of prevention, enhance a person’s sense of well-being, optimize functioning, and significantly alleviate mild to moderate symptoms during this critical time of development and pursuit of life goals.

A young adult may benefit from consulting with Dr. Serrato over a span of three to four months for assessment and psychoeducation regarding self-care practices and lifestyle interventions which may best optimize a person’s mental and physical health.  A comprehensive holistic evaluation ensures the most appropriate diagnosis and recommendations for ongoing treatment, if needed.

What you can expect from Dr. Serrato

  • A thorough evaluation of your symptoms, including a review of your history and how this relates to your mental health symptoms.
  • Collaboration with other conventional and holistic practitioners to ensure thorough assessment and appropriate treatment options.
  • Safe, effective, and evidence-based individualized treatment recommendations.
  • Educational resources to help you optimize your mental and physical health.
  • Ongoing direct communication with Dr. Serrato as needed.
  • A sense of commitment from Dr. Serrato to help you in your journey.